Can I become fluent in Spanish in 3 months?

Can I become fluent in Spanish in 3 months?
Can I become fluent in Spanish in 3 months?

Yes, you can become fluent in Spanish in just 3 months. You have to use the principles of goal setting, immersion technique, and explore the Spanish language through entertainment sources to do so.

Only when you use these three tips and more, you can be fluent in the Spanish language.

We will go into the details below to help you begin your journey to become fluent in Spanish in 3 months.

How to become fluent in Spanish in 3 months?

How to become fluent in Spanish in 3 months?

We will share five simple steps that will help you become fluent in the Spanish language in just 3 months. These steps or tips will solve your question of can I become fluent in Spanish in 3 months?.

You have to follow them all if you want to pick up the language in just three months.

Set goals

Set your Spanish goals

The first thing which you need to do is to set goals. Only when you set goals and benchmarks, you can measure your progress.

You have to first define a goal. That is becoming fluent. What does becoming fluent in Spanish mean to you?

To many individuals, it might be to carry on a conversation in Spanish. To others, it might be to write something in Spanish. You have to define the meaning of the word fluent. Once you do so, you can set your end goal.

Having just an end goal is not enough. You have to set benchmarks in between as well.

For example, if conversing in Spanish is your goal, the benchmark can be to speak 3 to 4 sentences consistently in Spanish.

When you achieve such benchmarks intermittently, you can measure your progress.

Without proper goals, there is no way to know whether you’re making progress or not. That is why; you have to start by setting up goals.

Use Immersion technique

Use Immersion technique to learn Spanish

Three months is a relatively short time to learn Spanish. Instead of using any substandard method, you have to go with the most effective one. The effective way to learn Spanish is to use the immersion technique.

Immersion technique involves amalgamating Spanish into your daily life. You have to switch your smartphone to Spanish, label household items in Spanish, and even change your computer’s language to Spanish.

Only when you leave yourself with no option but to learn Spanish, you can progress. The immersion technique is the perfect solution for that.

Immersion technique also educates traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. In that country, you have no other option but to converse in Spanish and try to understand the Spanish signboards and instructions around you.

However, that is the last resort. Even if you just amalgamate it in your life, the immersion technique can help you out.

The perfect way to become fluent in Spanish in only 3 months is to use the immersion technique.

Experience Spanish Entertainment

Experience Spanish Entertainment

Spanish is one of the most popular languages globally. Therefore, there is no dearth of Spanish entertainment. There are:

  • Spanish movies
  • Spanish songs
  • Spanish sitcoms
  • Spanish TV series
  • And so on

When it comes to Spanish entertainment, you will be spoilt for choice. The reason why you need to explore Spanish entertainment is to pick up more Spanish words.

Of course, to decipher the Spanish-language, you can use English subtitles. However, the more you experience Spanish entertainment, the easier it will be to become fluent in Spanish.

Also, you will come across day-to-day Spanish words that are not in dictionaries. You can pick up Spanish slangs as well, which will help you in conversing in Spanish.

Another reason why you need to explore Spanish entertainment is that it is not monotonous or boring. Online lectures can become monotonous after a while.

Students start to lose interest in such lectures. If you fall into the same trap, you will not be fluent in Spanish in 3 months.

Instead, using Spanish entertainment to your advantage will keep you hooked. It is one of the fastest ways to be fluent in Spanish.

Expand your Spanish Vocabulary

Expand your Spanish Vocabulary

Without knowing at least 400 to 500 Spanish words, you cannot become fluent in the language. Ideally, you should have a vocabulary of 2000 common Spanish words. However, in 3 months, picking up 400 to 500 words is undoubtedly possible. That will help you achieve your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.

Using these words, you can convey your thoughts and communicate in Spanish. The question is, which words should you learn?

The best way is to go with the most common words. You can know the common Spanish words through the following sources:

  • Spanish magazines
  • Spanish books
  • · Spanish news broadcast
  • Spanish bloggers
  • Spanish e-commerce sites
  • And so on

These are the best resources to learn the most common words. Once you have a grasp on them, becoming fluent in Spanish is not a difficult task.

Enroll in an online course

Enroll in an online Spanish course

You have 3 months to become fluent in Spanish. Therefore, you cannot leave anything to chance. To learn Spanish through an online course, you have to enroll in a trusted and reputed online course.

While comparing options like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and so on, it is essential to consider a few parameters. These parameters will help you select the right Spanish online course. The parameters include:

Teaching mediums

Spanish Teaching mediums

You have to find out the teaching medium of the course. It can be lectures, podcasts, videos, or games. Ideally, you have to go with the course offering multiple teaching methods. In that case, if you find one monotonous, you can switch over to another.

Duration of the course

Duration of the Spanish course

Of course, every student can progress through the course at a different pace. However, you have to look at the minimum number of hours you need to devote to complete it. If it is greater than three months, the course is of no use to you.


Spanish Tests

The courses testing your Spanish skills from time to time can help you become fluent in it in just three months. You have to time and again learn new Spanish words. That is the only way to be fluent in Spanish in three months.

When you’re comparing the different online courses, you have to do so on these three parameters. Once you compare them on these parameters, shortlisting the right one will be easier than ever.

So, yes, you can become fluent in Spanish in 3 months. It is not easy but possible. Using the five tips above, you can achieve your end goal.

However, only when you’re diligent enough to practice these five tips during these three months consistently can you become fluent in Spanish. Else, it will become tough for you to pick up this language in just three months.

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