Can you become fluent in spanish with rosetta stone?

Can you become fluent in spanish with rosetta stone?

Yes, you can indeed become fluent in Spanish with Rosetta Stone. The reason for the same is that Rosetta Stone offers you vocabulary options, drill and kill mode of learning, extended learning mechanisms, real-time lessons, and basic learning.

The course’s design is such that you will have no problem at all in becoming fluent in Spanish. The combination of all of these techniques certainly helps you in becoming fluent in Spanish.

1. Vocabulary options:

Many of us prefer to learn Spanish for a particular purpose. It can be an overseas trip or for work or anything else. When you go through other language learning courses, seldom do they take your purpose into account.

However, Rosetta Stone does. It offers you learning based on your purpose. It offers more focused topics like:

  • Family
  • Travel
  • Work
  • Basic and beyond

When you select a particular option, you will be taught words, phrases, and language in general from that point of view. Consequently, if you’re trying to learn a few words quickly because you’re going on an overseas trip, selecting travel is the best option.

Similarly, you can select other options as well, depending on your requirement. The focused learning process ensures that you can become fluent in Spanish according to your purpose. It is one of the reasons that Rosetta Stone works so well for Spanish.

2. Drill and kill mode of learning:

Another reason Rosetta Stone can help you become fluent in Spanish is because of the kill and mode of learning it offers.

Rosetta Stone slowly introduces new words to you. When you’re learning Spanish, instead of directly familiarizing you with 50 words, it introduces just a couple of them at the start.

After that, it helps you decipher it, write it, and answer the multiple-choice questions. In every learning session, you will come across that word.

By the time you can beat those lessons and become completely familiar with the words. That is the drill and kill technique that Rosetta Stone uses.

It does so for every word. At the start, this might seem a bit tedious to you. But, it is one of the most effective ways to master the language.

Once you come across a word, you will not forget it at all. If you’re consistently expanding your vocabulary and not forgetting the words, becoming fluent in Spanish is certainly possible and easy. That is why Rosetta Stone is one of the best options to do so.

3. Extended Learning:

Rosetta Stone offers you extended learning sessions as well. If you do not want to learn the traditional way, there are various other methods that you can use.

Owing to this very reason, becoming fluent in Spanish is certainly possible and easy. We will highlight the extended learning methods on the offer below.


When you’re learning Spanish, Rosetta Stone will offer you Spanish stories as well. These will be filled with pictures as well as words. Even if you are a newbie at understanding Spanish, you can associate the images. In that way, you can pick up new Spanish words as well.

Often, the pictures are quite descriptive as well. Consequently, you can pick up new words quite easily.

With numerous stories on offer, it will not become monotonous either. Thus, if you wish to make learning Spanish fun, Rosetta Stone is the way to go. Using stories, you can become fluent in Spanish in no time.


The better your vocabulary in any language and to help you become fluent in facilitating the faster learning of the language, Rosetta Stone offers a phrasebook.

The phrasebook consists of various phrases that are commonly spoken and written in Spanish. With these phrases, it will become possible for you to converse right in Spanish.

Moreover, Rosetta Stone will repeatedly help you master these phrases as well. Once you come across the phrase, you will not be able to ignore it anytime soon.

The best thing about the phrasebook is that it consists of commonly used phrases and lesser-known phrases.

By the time you’re finished with the phrasebook, chances are you might be aware of the lesser-known phrases as well. Due to this very reason, Rosetta Stone can help you become fluent in Spanish.

Seek & Speak:

Rosetta Stone has seek and speak feature for the mobile app. The advantage of seek and speak feature is that you can use your camera to take pictures of day to day objects.

Once you do so, the app will let you know its a Spanish name as well. Consequently, you can know about the things around you and what they are called in Spanish.

When you use the Spanish language in your day to day life, it will become very easy for you to become fluent in Spanish.

The object recognition technology is pretty accurate. Due to this very reason, knowing about the Spanish name of the object is easier than ever. The app is super fast. Once you click the picture, you will know the name of the object in Spanish right away.

Thus, once again, Rosetta Stone uses the immersion technique here with a mobile app to help you learn Spanish.

4. Real-time lessons:

Did you know that Rosetta Stone offers real-time live tutoring as well?

If you prefer the traditional method of education, Rosetta Stone has that on offer as well. Moreover, each tutoring session is just 25 minutes. Due to this reason, you will not feel bored when you’re going through this tutoring session.

During the session, you will be interacting with the native speaker. The to and fro communication will help you pick up new words and understand the conversation as well. Moreover, the lighthearted conversation will make the lesson easy to understand.

The native speakers are often pretty supportive. So, even if you have no knowledge right now of the language, you will be able to pick it up quite soon.

There are numerous lessons available through live tutoring as well. In a nutshell, if you prefer that method to become fluent in Spanish, that is certainly possible.

5. Starts with the basics:

Rosetta Stone starts with the basics when it comes to Spanish. The advantage of doing so is that even if you do not know anything about the language, you will be able to learn it easily.

The way in which it educates you regarding the basics include:

  • It starts with simple words in Spanish. Words which you can associate with images of fruits, animals, and so on. In a nutshell, when you go through these basic lessons, you can pick up the vocabulary.
  • It starts with the grammar as well. You can form sentences as well. When you just learn the vocabulary, it will become difficult for you to form sentences and words. However, with these grammar lessons, you can easily form sentences as well.
  • Additionally, Rosetta Stone helps you understand the gender in Spanish as well. Gender roles, generally in Spanish are pretty confusing. However, Rosetta Stone alerts you about the same as well.
  • With the help of different vocabulary sets, you can easily fulfill your purpose as well. Most of these allow you to do simple things like ask for directions or understand the news bulletin in Spanish. Doing so once again makes you fluent in Spanish quite easily.
  • Another way in which it starts with the basics is by keeping the lessons small. Rather than familiarizing you with various Spanish words in a single session, it breaks down the sessions. Once that happens, it becomes easy to understand the basic words as well. When you’re starting with the Spanish language, learning new words is not that easy. However, the bite-sized lessons help you in doing so.

If you look at the contents and design of the Spanish course, you will understand how Rosetta Stone facilitates basic learning. Once you are well-versed with the basic language, only then it will become easier for you to learn the advanced words and so on.

However, the good feature is that when you go through the basic lessons, you will become fluent in Spanish for day-to-day communication. Only when you’re looking at advanced communication skills you will have to devote more time.

6. Speech engine:

Rosetta Stone also has a speech engine. The primary job of the speech engine is to detect your pronunciation. In case your pronunciation is incorrect. The app will correct you.

In that way, when you feel that you are fluent in Spanish, you can start speaking with the app. The artificial intelligence in the app detects your mistakes.

With every speaking session, you can improve your Spanish language more and more. Due to this very reason, becoming fluent in Spanish is certainly easy and possible.

So, if you had the question, can you become fluent in Spanish with rosetta stone, it is now solved. There are numerous ways in which Rosetta Stone can help you become fluent in Spanish.

Rather than going with any other substandard online learning course, you should choose Rosetta Stone. The course has been carefully designed to not just help you understand Spanish but actually become fluent in it.

It does not matter whether you’re a housewife, or student, or a businessman, Rosetta Stone can make a fluent in Spanish.

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How easy is it to learn Spanish with rosetta stone?

How easy is it to learn Spanish with rosetta stone?