Does Rosetta Stone Spanish Work?

For anyone trying to learn Spanish, the Rosetta Stone program is one of the most well-known ones available today.

However, this still leads many to question, does Rosetta Stone Spanish work to make you fluent? The simple answer is that no program can guarantee fluency 100% of the time.

However, Rosetta Stone Spanish is a useful program that also stands behind their work by offering a money-back guarantee within 30 days for those who are not satisfied with their results.

To get a better idea if this program is right for you, it may be helpful to get an idea of the different ways Rosetta Stone improves the average person’s comprehension of the Spanish language.

Comprehensive Language Training

Language training is the cornerstone of the Rosetta Stone Spanish program. This allows students to learn in their new language without translation.

This type of immersion actually allows you to gain a faster understanding of the language while also improving your confidence with communication.

The Rosetta Stone reinforces their programs by connecting new words with vivid imagery that has a basis in real-life context to convey meaning.

This training will keep track of your progress as you learn, and you can also reinforce your learning while away from the programming. The on-the-go feature allows you to continue studying even when traveling.

Language training is divided into units to allow you to progress through the units as you feel comfortable. Units come with lessons and also focused activities.

The core lessons are designed to teach you the new language. This method is similar to how you might learn in a classroom setting.

However, the focused activities are a more hands-on approach. They allow you to build skills and reinforce the language that you’ve already learned.

At the end of each unit, there is a conversational Milestone. This will enable you to review some of what you’ve learned in that unit by having a simulated conversation. Each unit contains four lessons and a milestone. Additionally, there are four units per level.

Speech Recognition Feature

Although this is not a required part of learning the lessons, speech recognition is an excellent asset to the Rosetta Stone program. It allows you to speak along during the language training session.

When language training is enabled, you will hear words spoken correctly and then have the opportunity to pronounce them yourself and learn if you’ve done this successfully. Once you’ve finished with each training, you can move on to the next lesson.

Many language training programs don’t offer this feature, but it’s helpful to be able to speak more accurately.

Scoring-Based Feedback

Just like you would learn in a classroom setting, your work is going to be scored. Not everyone appreciates this feedback, but you may find it’s actually fairly helpful! There are a few areas of the language training that are scored.

The core lessons, focused activities, reviews, and milestones are all scored. The percentage that you receive for each activity determines whether you successfully pass it and how well you understand that less.

While you don’t have to receive a passing score to move on to the next lesson, having this feedback is a great way to determine if you’re actually ready to move.

It’s recommended that you repeat the activity until you can pass it through. Rosetta Stone’s Spanish program has this feature to ensure that each person receives feedback and the ability to review work until it’s completed.

Each activity has its own passing score, so you may find that some areas are more challenging than others.

Adaptive Recall Program

When you finish a lesson, you may feel as though you have a firm grasp of it. But, how well do you actually understand it? Adaptive Recall is an excellent feature in Rosetta Stone that prompts you as a quick refresher of a lesson you’ve completed.

Adaptive Recall automatically schedules itself on a day when you will be prompted to complete a review activity for a lesson.

They know that scheduling review lessons at intervals will help to cement what you’ve learned without wasting significant time in the process. This is a feature that’s designed to transfer a new language from short-term to long-term memory.

While you don’t have to complete this program, it is a great feature that is recommended. Most people find that when they complete the recalls, they have a firmer grasp of language topics that they’ve already covered.

Online Community

Although lessons are a great way to learn Spanish, you truly learn the more advanced aspects of the language when you start to speak with a real person.

Rosetta Stone also has an online community of language learners. This is where you can find other speakers to pair up with and discuss any number of topics. This online community is great for you to practice your language skills.

You’ll find a variety of language levels here, so consider pairing up with someone more experienced to get a more authentic experience.

You can also hone your skills in preparation for trips to Spanish-speaking countries or whatever you need to do.

Reasonable Price Points

If you take a look at how much it costs to take enough classes to be truly fluent in Spanish, you’d be amazed at the cost.

While you can find a variety of online programs for a low price, they won’t turn you into a fluent speaker. In contrast, Rosetta Stone is an affordable option that gives you the same benefits as an in-person class that can be completed on your own time.

Enjoying Rosetta Stone

Now that you have an idea of how Rosetta Stone works, you’ll have a better idea of how it can be one of the most effective ways to learn Spanish.

While you may struggle with languages, you’ll find that their immersive program gives you the best opportunity to improve your language skills. Take a look at what they offer. 

Speaking Spanish IN SPAIN with Rosetta Stone | VIDEO

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