How easy is it to learn Spanish with rosetta stone?

How easy is it to learn Spanish with rosetta stone?

How easy is it to learn Spanish with rosetta stone?

Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly easy because it uses immersion technique, mobile app, community learning, phrase-based learning, bite-sized lessons, and even speech-based learning to help you become familiar with Spanish. All these aspects of Rosetta Stone are highlighted below.

1. Immersion technique:

Rosetta Stone makes use of the immersion technique. The immersion technique involves making the language that you want to learn part and parcel of your life. Doing so ensures that you have no other way to but learn the language.

Immersion technique often involves things like:

  • Turning your smartphone language to Spanish
  • Using social media with Spanish as default language
  • Listening to Spanish news programs, music, and movies
  • Leading Spanish newspapers
  • And so on

In a nutshell, whenever you are dealing with the language, rather than dealing with your native one, you deal with Spanish. Doing so forces you to learn the language. Unless and until you know the meaning of that word, you cannot enjoy that medium or communication mode.

Rosetta Stone teaches you how to inculcate the immersion technique into your daily life. The immersion technique is one of the primary reasons why learning Spanish with rosetta stone is easy.

2. Easy to use the app:

Do you prefer to learn on the go?

If yes, Rosetta Stone offers you a mobile app as well. You can use it on the tablet. The advantage of the mobile app is that you can learn the Spanish language almost anywhere.

There are quite a few instances when the mobile app comes in handy. These include:

  • Learning while commuting
  • Learning while traveling
  • Learning on a business trip
  • Learning when you’re free in office
  • Learning when you’re waiting for someone
  • And so on

The applications of the Rosetta Stone mobile app are numerous. With the help of a responsive app, you can quickly go through the lessons. Moreover, the cloud-based syncing allows you to progress from any device. You won’t have to worry about starting all over again.

Most other language learning courses and websites do not offer you a mobile app. Hence, this is one of the prime advantages of Rosetta Stone. This feature certainly makes it easy for you to learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone.

3. Community learning:

Another advantage is that Rosetta Stone offers community-based learning, as well. You might be thinking how so?

Rosetta Stone has a vibrant community. The advantage of this community is that there are members speaking various languages. There is a section of the community, which allows you to interact with individuals speaking Spanish. When you interact with those individuals, it will become easier for you to pick up new words.

In general, the community is pretty friendly. If you face any issues, you can simply ask those members. Some or the other member will undoubtedly help you out.

In addition to various other modes of learning, there are a few advantages of community learning:

  • You can get the first-hand experience.
  • The posts by members help you in learning new words.
  • You can also study the vocabulary and the way of speaking of other individuals.
  • You can go through the vocabulary of other members. Doing so helps you understand how you can write Spanish as well.
  • And so on

As you can see, community-based learning has numerous advantages. Moreover, you can easily carry a conversation with other members speaking Spanish. Carrying on a conversation through the community can undoubtedly speed up the process of learning Spanish.

4. Phrase-based learning:

Unless and until you learn the phrases of any language, mastering it becomes difficult. The problem is that it can take quite some time to know about the phrases of any language.

With Rosetta Stone, that is not a problem. Rosetta Stone specifically has phrase-based learning.

It helps you learn various phrases in Spanish. The advantage of doing so is that you can quickly form sentences. Phrases make it easy to form sentences. Additionally, they reduce the vocabulary which you need to speak and write Spanish. Consequently, the phrases reduce the learning curve.

With the help of phrase-based lessons, you can indeed learn Spanish at a faster pace.

5. Bite-sized lessons:

Don’t you get time to learn Spanish?

Rosetta Stone has a solution for that as well. Rosetta Stone breaks up language learning into smaller bite-sized lessons. Each lesson is going to take a few minutes.

The advantage of bite-sized lessons include:

  • You can complete a lesson within 10 minutes.
  • In case you do not trust the lesson, you can redo it easily. Doing so will not take a lot of time.
  • Moreover, during communication as well, you can efficiently complete newer lessons.
  • It also ensures that the language learning experience is not monotonous. Within 10 minutes, you will move on to the next lesson.
  • The division of the entire course into smaller lessons helps you track progress. You will know right away how many lessons you have completed and how many are pending.
  • Also, it makes the entire learning process less daunting. It will not seem like an uphill task. You just have to think about completing the next lesson. It will merely take 10 minutes.

When you look at these advantages, it is easy to understand why the bite-sized lessons are one of the biggest reasons why learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone is easy.

6. Speech-based learning:

Rosetta Stone also uses advanced speech-based learning. The advantage is that the computer also helps you learn.

The AI-based search engine ensures that you can learn how to pronounce Spanish words as well. It asks you different words using the smartphone app. The speech-based learning checks whether you have pronounced them correctly or not.

In case you haven’t pronounced them correctly, it lets you know how to do so. In a nutshell, if you’re pronouncing the words in a wrong way, Rosetta Stone can help you with that as well.

There are very few other language learning programs that provide you with speech-based learning. Most of them just cover the spelling and vocabulary part.

The problem with those courses is that you do not learn to speak a language. Often, your pronunciation will hamper communication. On the other hand, with Rosetta Stone, you have speech based learning. Speech-based learning certainly helps you pronounce the words correctly as well.

Thus, Rosetta Stone helps you master every mode of communication in Spanish.

7. Free trial:

Many people find it intimidating to start a new language course. Consequently, they do not even take the first step.

Rosetta Stone makes that step easier for you as well. It provides you with a free trial. In the free trial, you can understand the course better. You can experience the learning method, as well. Due to this reason, it becomes easy to master the language.

Only when you’re satisfied that the learning method of Rosetta Stone works for you, you can go ahead and buy the course. Otherwise, you can quit the free trial as well.

8. Suitable for almost everyone:

Another reason why learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone is easy is because the course is versatile. Whether you’re starting right from the basic or the intermediate level or an expert Spanish speaker, Rosetta Stone can help you.

In the case of a beginner, it allows you to learn Spanish right from scratch. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know a single word of Spanish. It can help you in that case as well.

In the case of intermediate-level Spanish speakers, it allows you to become more fluent in Spanish. It helps you read, write, and speak Spanish. Consequently, mastering the language becomes easy.

You might be thinking about how it can help experienced or expert speakers. It can help you learn textbook lessons. More importantly, it can help you expand your Spanish vocabulary as well. In that way, it can help with existing Spanish speakers as well.

With such versatility, you can be sure that you cannot go wrong with Rosetta Stone. It simply has something to offer for everyone.

9. Expertly crafted lessons:

The learning methods used by Rosetta Stone are not randomly chosen. The courses have been drafted by expert linguistics. So, the Spanish language comes into place, along with effective learning techniques.

Rosetta Stone also uses psychologically aiding learning methods to help you learn Spanish.

Even if you haven’t learnt another language before, Rosetta Stone can still help you out.

The expertly crafted lessons certainly make it easy for you to learn Spanish. Moreover, Rosetta Stone works towards eliminating every barrier there is to learn Spanish. Consequently, it eases up the entire process.

With so many different advantages on offer, Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn Spanish. So, you cannot miss it when you’re trying to learn Spanish. Not only that, the free trial which it has on offer means that you can learn it in a risk-free way as well.

What more do you need from a Spanish course?

It has everything on offer. Due to this very reason, there is no easier option to learn Spanish than Rosetta Stone.

How Rosetta Stone Works – Video

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