How long does it take to learn Spanish through immersion?

How long does it take to learn Spanish through immersion
How long does it take to learn Spanish through immersion

Learning Spanish through immersion takes less than three months. However, you need to practice the immersion learning method in its entirety. Any half-hearted effort will not work. Just trying the immersion learning method once in a while is not good enough.

Before we help you understand how long does it take to learn spanish through immersion, let us first briefly touch on the definition of the immersion learning method.

The immersion process involves using the language you want to learn outside the classroom or the learning sessions. Ideally, you should use that language for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. That is what constitutes the immersion process.

Many courses and linguistic teachers might make you believe that the immersion process mandates you to stay in a foreign country to learn the language. That is not true!

Now that you are familiar with the immersion process’s actual meaning let us understand how you can start learning Spanish through immersion.

How to start learning Spanish through immersion?

Learning Spanish through the immersion learning method need not be expensive or draining. We will share with you a few tips that will help you get started.

Refer to household items in Spanish

Why not refer to household items in Spanish?

That is the best way to start. For example, the sofa becomes el sofá; and television becomes la televisión. Initially, you might have to look up these words, but the more you use them, the easier it is to remember them.

Pro tip:

If you still cannot remember them after numerous attempts, you can post sticky notes mentioning the household items Spanish names. You can place the sticky notes on the items themselves. That way, every time you pass by them, you will recall the Spanish words.

Switch your smartphone’s language to Spanish:

Do you use your smartphone often?

We all do!

You can use your smartphone to learn Spanish through immersion. The best way to do so is to switch your smartphone language to Spanish. Once you do so, you will start learning new words throughout the day.

Moreover, since you are familiar with your smartphone’s regular menus and functions, associating them with your native language is easier than ever. That will undoubtedly accelerate the process of learning Spanish.

Start using Spanish words in your thoughts

You are most fluent in the language in which you think. The language of your thoughts needs to be in Spanish. Sure enough, switching from your native language to Spanish in your thoughts is not an easy task.

You might have to remind yourself, again and again, to use Spanish while thinking. However, once you establish a habit, it will become easier to understand and recall Spanish words.

Moreover, since it’s all in your head, you can do so in complete privacy.

Isn’t that a great way to practice the immersion learning method?

You bet!

Change your social media account language to Spanish

Why not use your free time to practice the immersion learning method?

Most of us spend our free time on social media. Another way you can practice the immersion technique is to change your social media account language to Spanish. Once again, that will help you pick up new Spanish words and learning Spanish at a faster pace.

Participate in local Spanish Events and Activities

Looking for something which you can do outside your home?

Why not participate in local Spanish events and activities?

That way, you can not only learn Spanish but also socialize with Spanish natives and the Spanish-speaking population in your vicinity. That will undoubtedly serve you well.

With these five simple tips, you can quickly begin using the immersion method to learn Spanish. That will curtail the time which you need to learn Spanish to almost half.

The typical time ranges from 4 to 5 months. Using the immersion technique regularly can help you curtail the time to 3 months or less.

Are the above tips not working for you?

If yes, we have a solution for you!

Last Resort: Travel abroad

Only as a last resort, you should think about traveling abroad. You have to travel and live in a country with a huge Spanish speaking population. Doing so will help you pick up the language quicker.

Many linguistic professors might have you believe that this is the only solution. However, this is not true. If all other tips for using the immersion technique to learn Spanish are not producing results, only you should opt for it.

That’s it!

These five simple tips can help you learn Spanish through immersion.

While the immersion technique might seem simple, there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid. Only once you avoid these mistakes, you can learn Spanish through immersion.

What mistakes should you avoid while learning Spanish through immersion?

Practicing the immersion learning method in the wrong way can waste your time and effort. We will identify such mistakes below so that you can avoid them. Once you identify and eliminate those mistakes, learning Spanish through immersion becomes easy.

Getting overwhelmed

In the 1st few days, when you use the immersion technique, everything might sound confusing or overwhelming. If you give in to that feeling, you can never use the immersion technique to learn Spanish.

Instead of thinking that you cannot use Spanish while speaking, take it one word at a time. When you do so, you will not be overwhelmed.

The immersion technique is slow to start with but accelerates once you learn the language.

Single-minded approach

Many individuals make the mistake of just adopting a single tip from the vast array of tips covered above. Doing so will defeat the effectiveness of the immersion technique.

Immersion technique works only because you start using the language throughout the day and not just in a single aspect of your life.

Instead of cherry-picking from the tips above, you have to follow all of them to effectively use the immersion technique.

Having a single-minded approach is one of the main mistakes which individuals commit while using the immersion technique.

Not leaving your comfort zone

Learning through online courses through classrooms is easy. However, amalgamating that language with your real life is complicated. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

The problem is that many individuals want to learn Spanish without stepping out of their comfort zone. They are not comfortable conversing in Spanish.

However, as we highlighted above, if you want to use the immersion technique effectively, you have to use all the tips highlighted above.

To do so, you need to more out of your comfort zone. That involves using Spanish words for household items, using Spanish as the default language in your smartphone, and so on. With time, all of this will seem normal. Once that happens, the discomfort will vanish.

Thus, if you want to learn Spanish through immersion, these are the three mistakes which you need to avoid.

Immersion learning method can indeed prove to be pretty useful while learning Spanish. It can shorten your learning time significantly. However, all that can only happen when you follow the tips above and avoid the mistakes highlighted.

Only when you’re dedicated to using the immersion learning method, can you learn Spanish through immersion in just three months or less.

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