How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish With Rosetta Stone?

How_Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish With Rosetta Stone
How_Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish With Rosetta Stone

When taking the time to pick up another language, many people want to know how long does it take to learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone?

This popular language-learning service is designed to provide the average person with simple but effective methods to become fluent in Spanish.

Keep in mind that while time spent in each level of the program will vary depending on your learning style.

However, the makers of the program estimate that it will take 200 hours or longer to complete all levels. At that point, you should be fairly fluent in the language.

Going Through the Levels

Like many language learning programs, Rosetta Stone is designed to move you from beginner to expert slowly.

Each level has its own goals and will take the average person from a novice to someone who can speak the language fluently. They do note that individual results will vary.

Also, since many people have some basic knowledge of Spanish, they may be able to move through the levels more rapidly than others.

In addition to being able to take the course as desired, you can also spend as much time as desired in their additional materials.

Language Training is not a required level but offers other resources to help people better understand the language.

This is not a set number of hours, so participating in this may increase the amount of time it takes to be fluent.

Additionally, other learning activities that are part of the extended activities such as Stories, Phrasebook, and Seek & Speak are not designed to provide a certain number of hours.

For Spanish, there are five levels available. It’s recommended that even those who have a basic knowledge of Spanish start at the first level and then move up through the program until they “graduate” at level five.

Levels 1-3 are anticipated to take 120-150 hours while completing the entire five levels is expected to take 200 hours or possibly longer.

It’s likely that the average person will have to spend at least 200 hours in the program to gain proficiency in the language.

Can I Speed Up the Process?

If you’re wondering how long does it take to learn Spanish in a shorter amount of time, it may be possible to gain proficiency faster.

While Rosetta Stone offers these basic guidelines, they are designed to be estimates rather than exact numbers.

Some of the activities that are going to make your journey through the levels slower are how much time you dedicate per week and also how many extended learning activities that you complete.

For example, for someone who wants to increase their fluency, they may devote at least 15 hours a week to the program. Immersing yourself in a foreign language often helps to learn it faster.

In contrast, a person who may not have the time to spend each week may find that they learn it slower.

Having to space out the lessons doesn’t mean that you won’t gain fluency, but it may take a more extended period to feel truly comfortable in this language.

When people find that they study a language sporadically, they often have to go back a lesson or two to remember what they were learning. This is the same for Rosetta Stone.

While Rosetta Stone does recommend trying to dedicate as much time as you can each week, they also don’t recommend learning too fast.

The program highly recommends extended learning activities. They know that learning a language doesn’t happen overnight, and many people learn in different ways.

For example, the Stories section can help people who learn from listening to native speakers.

This also allows you to listen and read along at the same time. Not only will participating in this activity improve your pronunciation, but it also helps to learn how a language is crafted.

Written and spoken Spanish has a different cadence, so hearing it spoken is a great idea.

Another activity that will extend your learning time will be the live tutoring sessions. These are opportunities that Rosetta Stone offers for people to speak with native speakers themselves.

The value of this is not only will you be practicing speaking, but you’ll also be getting real-time feedback as you learn.

Rosetta Stone highly recommends these programs by stating that most of their successful learners take part in these programs. They are useful but will take you longer to complete.

Additional Methods

While Rosetta Stone’s language program is highly effective when used, many people also take part in other complementary real-life experiences.

Many towns offer Spanish table programs. These programs allow people to gather and speak in Spanish. Some tables are open to all levels while others may be geared towards beginner or advanced speakers.

Look for one that’s closest to your current level and try attending weekly or as offered if you can.

Many people find that listening to podcasts and reading books in Spanish is an excellent way to complement what they’re already learning through Rosetta Stone.

Consider purchasing some of your favorite publications in Spanish. If you already know the flow of the story, then it may be easier to read it in Spanish, even if you’re not fully fluent. Also, consider listening to podcasts in Spanish.

This is a simple but easy way to make it a daily habit to listen to Spanish speakers. You can find podcasts about sports, the news, or probably any topic that you’d like to hear about.

Consider ones that have multiple people talking to feel more comfortable with the conversation.

While these additional activities won’t be able to replace conversation, they are a simple way to complement what you’re learning through the Rosetta Stone Program.

Becoming Fluent in Spanish

If you’re wondering how much time it will take to be fluent in Spanish, aim for spending at least 200 hours.

This can be done in a condensed period or extended if desired. However, many people have found success through their programs and find that they can converse freely with the help of the program.

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