How to learn Spanish in a month?

How to learn Spanish in a month?
How to learn Spanish in a month?

You can learn Spanish in a month by amalgamating Spanish language in your daily life, learning from your mistakes, and understanding new Spanish words. There are a few other tips you need to follow if you want to learn Spanish in a month.

Just to be clear, we’re not saying that learning Spanish in a month is easy. However, if you follow some tips below, you will find the answer to how to learn Spanish in a month.

Amalgamate the learning process into your life

Amalgamate the Spanish learning process into your life

If you wish to learn Spanish in a month, there is no other option but to amalgamate it into your life. Spending a few hours daily on your course will not help you learn Spanish in about a month.

Instead, you have to take a few steps to amalgamate it with your daily life. These steps include:

  • You have to start watching Spanish movies and series. Also, you have to start listening to Spanish music as well.
  • Secondly, you have to convert your social media accounts language to Spanish. That will help you learn Spanish words at a faster pace. You can do the same for your smartphone.
  • Another tip that can help you learn Spanish is to know the Spanish names for the household items around you. Every time you use a household item, you have to recall its Spanish name.

These three tips will ensure that you can amalgamate Spanish into your daily life. Once you do so, the pace at which you learn Spanish will accelerate significantly.

Opt for an online Spanish course

Opt for an online Spanish course

The time you need to devote to learning Spanish is much greater than 4 hours daily. Only, in that case, you can learn it in a month. Just attending an off-line class will not be sufficient. Offering classes usually last for 1 to 2 hours.

When you choose an online Spanish course, it offers quite a few advantages like:

  • You can smoothly progress through the course at your own pace. Since you want to learn Spanish, you can progress through it faster.
  • Online courses allow you to learn whenever you are free. You will not have to take out a block of time.
  • There are many online courses like Rosetta Stone offering interactive one-on-one lessons, games, phrases vocabularies, audio courses, and so on. Thus, by joining a single course, you can gain access to all of these resources. Using these resources consistently makes it easy for you to learn Spanish.

All these advantages of an online Spanish course make it a necessity. The only way is to choose an online course over the off-line one.

Use labels to your advantage

Use Spanish labels to your advantage

Do you want to learn day-to-day Spanish words at a faster pace?

If yes, sticky labels can undoubtedly come to your rescue. You have to label everything in your home using sticky notes. The label should consist of Spanish words for those household items. When you do that, you will become more familiar with Spanish words. You can easily buy these sticky notes online or from a stationery shop near you.

For example, when you’re using a hand mixer, it should have a sticky note of its Spanish word. Whenever you use the household things, you will come across the Spanish word for the same. That will help you not only learn the Spanish words but also recall them.

Consequently, it becomes easier for you to learn Spanish at a faster pace.

Avoid using English

Avoid using English and use Spanish

You have to use Spanish as much as you can throughout the day. It means that you have to ditch using English.

Sure enough, you will make mistakes at the start. Instead of fearing from those mistakes, you have to use Spanish nevertheless. The more you use Spanish, the faster you will learn.

Also, you have to communicate in Spanish as much as possible. If you’re alone, you can try to describe the things around you in Spanish. This simple little exercise will help you become more fluent in Spanish. It will not only help you expand your Spanish vocabulary but also your Spanish grammar.

Another little exercise which you can do is to go to the Hispanic aisle in your supermarket. You have to try reading the labels and ingredients of the Hispanic foodstuffs and condiments being sold. Doing so will increase your comprehension level of the Spanish language.

Following these few tips will ensure that you can use Spanish more than English. When that happens, automatically, the pace at which you learn Spanish will go up significantly.

Travel abroad

Travel abroad to a Spanish speaking country

Immersion technique is your best bet if you want to learn Spanish in about a month. Immersion technique requires you to think, speak, and converse in Spanish.

However, since you want to learn Spanish in a month, you have to take the immersion technique to the next level.

You might be wondering how to do so?

The answer is by traveling to a Hispanic country. Such countries consist of a large Spanish-speaking population. When you’re in that country, you will have no other option but to speak in Spanish.

When you want to even ask someone for directions, you will have to ask in Spanish. The signboards and names of the stores all around you will be in Spanish. Automatically, you will have to use your skills to read and converse in Spanish.

Even a week in such a country can save you a month in learning. We agree that traveling abroad might not be suitable for everyone. However, if you want to go the extra mile, it is a tip that you should follow.

Don’t ignore the mistakes

Don’t ignore the mistakes

Learning from your mistakes in real-time is a necessity when you want to learn Spanish. You cannot ignore your mistakes or postpone the learning process.

When you commit a mistake, you have to learn from it right then and there. There is no learning tomorrow.

  • Failed to answer a question in your Spanish course? Find out its answer right now.
  • Weren’t able to decipher a Spanish word? Check its meaning right now.
  • Couldn’t formulate a sentence in Spanish? Check out the correct solution.

Whenever you commit such mistakes, you have to learn from them right then and there. Only then can you hope to learn Spanish in about a month. Since the time frame is so short, there is no tomorrow.

Focus on words and minimize grammar

Focus on Spanish words and minimize Spanish grammar

The only way to learn Spanish in about a month is to expand your vocabulary. If your goal is to read and write grammatically correct Spanish, it will take longer. Right from the start, you have to set your goals likewise.

You have to work towards learning more and more words. As for grammar, you have to learn minimal grammar that you need to convey the meaning of the sentence or the phrase you are using.

You can polish up your grammar at a later time. For now, your goal is to learn as many words as you can. Memorizing 300 to 400 words in a month is certainly possible. Your aim should be to increase that to 500 to 600 words.

Learning and recalling those words takes time. That is why, if you want to devote an equal amount of time to grammar, that will not be possible.

For grammar, you have to take a minimal approach and just learn conversational grammar.

This tip will free up a lot of your time to learn Spanish words. Consequently, you can learn Spanish in a month.

So, yes, learning Spanish in a month is indeed possible. However, if you use the conventional approach, you will fail to do so. The best way is to follow the seven tips highlighted above.

These are specifically designed to help you learn Spanish in a month. When you stick to these tips, you can pick up this language in a month to achieve your goal.

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