Rosetta Stone vs Pimsleur vs Living Language

Rosetta stone vs pimsleur vs living language
Rosetta stone vs pimsleur vs living language

Rosetta Stone vs Pimsleur vs living language comparison below on parameters like learning resources, the pace of learning, languages covered, compatibility, cost, and so on will help you choose between these language learning programs easily.

If you cannot decide between these three language learning programs, the comparison below can undoubtedly come to your rescue.

Without any delay, let us now compare these three programs on various parameters.

Learning resources on offer

Rosetta Stone offers various language learning resources. The primary is the TruAccent speech recognition engine. It allows you to learn the pronunciation of multiple words.

The learning program also allows you to speak with real-life native speakers. You can learn from actual conversations rather than just recordings. With various games on offer, the medium of learning you choose is entirely up to you.

Pimsleur uses its learning method, which goes by the name of the Spaced Repetition System. The system revolves around introducing a new word to the listener and repeating it until the listener is familiar with the word and its meaning.

The program consists entirely of audio courses. If you’re a visual learner, there is not much in it for you.

A living language is once again, a program that offers you different learning resources. These resources include audio CDs, books, as well as online training. If you prefer classroom-style conversation, this program is an excellent choice for you.

Based on learning resources, Rosetta Stone has an advantage. That is because it offers speech recognition engines, real-life conversation opportunities, and various games.

The pace of Learning

When you’re trying to grasp a new language, rushing through it is not the ideal way to go about it. You should only choose a program that allows you to learn at your own pace. We will compare all the three programs on the pace of learning which they have on offer.

Rosetta Stone allows you to learn at your own pace. Not only that, if you find a particular medium pretty fast, but you can also switch the medium itself. For example, if you find the speech recognition engine very fast, you can switch over to games. So, you can pick up the language at your own pace.

Pimsleur is an audio course. The good thing about the audio course is that you can rewind or fast forward it according to your requirement. You can bookmark a particular part as well.

Once again, it allows you to progress at your own pace. If you’re not able to understand a specific aspect, you can go through that audio part numerous times before proceeding.

Living language as well offers three different mediums grasping a new language. The mediums are such that you can smoothly progress at your own pace. You will not have to rush through things.

When it comes to the pace of learning, it’s a tie. All three programs allow you to learn at your own pace. So, you will have no complaints at all irrespective of the program which you choose.

Languages covered

Now comes the most important metric. You have to check the number of languages that each program has on offer. Ideally, you’re looking to choose a program that offers the maximum number of languages.

Rosetta Stone offers 29 different languages. The advantage of so many languages is that finding the one which you want to learn is easy.

Some of the most popular languages on offer include Mandarin, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, etc. You need not look for another course to learn the language which you want.

Pimsleur is even a step further in this regard. It offers over 50 different languages. Some of these languages include Mandarin, Czech, Danish, Hindi, Polish, Norwegian, Spanish, Thai, Russian, Italian, etc.

In case you’re not able to find the language which you want to learn, you can easily opt for this program.

The living language also offers 28 languages. Some of these languages include Mandarin, Czech, Persian, French, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, etc. In terms of the number of languages on offer, it is almost similar to Rosetta Stone.

On this parameter, Pimsleur takes the cake. If you solely want to choose the course depending on the number of languages on offer, you should go with Pimsleur.


Not every language program is suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. You have to find out beforehand whether it is suitable for you or not and then make the buying decision.

We will help you understand the same so that you can make an informed decision.

The best feature of Rosetta stone is that it is suitable for almost everyone. It does not matter whether you’re listening about that language for the first time or you know some of its words. It will help you in any case.

It is simply compatible with anyone willing to put in the time to learn the language.

Pimsleur takes a school-type approach with its audio courses. It might be perfect for students but difficult for adults.

The course is also challenging to skim through for individuals looking to brush up their learning skills. It is only suitable for beginners.

A living language, on the other hand, is once again suitable for beginners and intermediates alike. With multiple resources on offer, it is easy to learn a language from scratch or just to brush up your skills.

In terms of compatibility, Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly a better option than the other two. It is highly versatile and suitable for almost anyone who wants to learn a new language or brush up their skills.


Of course, you cannot ignore the cost factor. You have to consider this factor in conjunction with our Rosetta stone vs Pimsleur vs living language comparison above.

Rosetta Stone works on the subscription model. It will cost you approximately $ 36 for three months, $ 170 for one year, $ 249 for two years, and $ 299 for a lifetime.

If you opt for the package for three months, you only get access to the language you want to learn. In any other package, you get access to unlimited languages.

Pimsleur offers language lessons at different levels. The tutorial of any language is spread from level I to level V. The cost of these five levels is of $ 575.

The packages by living language start at $ 25 per month. However, that is only for a single language. If you have to learn multiple languages, you will have to buy multiple such packages.

When you look at the pricing, you will realize that Rosetta Stone provides a much more affordable package in the longer run. The fact that it provides a hefty discount on the yearly package makes it a good deal.

Moreover, when you opt for the yearly package are longer, you get access to the learning resources of all languages. Considering this factor, it is the one that is more affordable in the longer run.

In certain cases, however, living language has an edge. If you just want to learn a single language and are confident that you can grasp it in a few months, then living language can turn out to be more affordable.


The Rosetta stone vs Pimsleur vs living language comparison has a clear winner. If you’re looking for a language program that provides you with multiple learning resources and allows you to learn at your own pace, it is the one you should go with.

It provides excellent value for money when you buy the yearly package or higher. With years of credibility behind its name, Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly a language program that you cannot ignore among these three.

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